The last 6 months with U&I!

We’re just going to wrap up the first half of the year in a quick blog post.. all whilst en route back from an EPIC trip to Antigua and Barbados! Could there be a better way to end the first half of the year?!

Team U&I started off in January on a 30 day detox with some fabulous vegan, gluten free nutritional supplements, which we have now condensed into a five day version so that everyone can trial it! Whilst on the plan, we were busy planning for an enormous Lebanese wedding at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. Logistically, it wasn’t easy to organise 800 people, but team U&I had an amazing team of hostesses to get everyone to where they needed to be and it was the most spectacular wedding reception we have ever worked on.

In February we made a few changes so that we could focus more on building the U&I empire, and very quickly managed to get the Jumeirah group of hotels on board as official U&I partners. With them, we get exclusive deals and discounts which come with luxury perks, so if you’ve got a trip to Dubai coming up, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Saying that, we are not only partners with Dubai hotels, Jumeirah also have luxury accommodation in China, Spain, The Maldives and many other destinations around the world, so just let us know where you are planning your next #Vaycay and we’ll hook it up for you! We also partnered up with the highly sought after Kempinski Hotel in Marbella, where our clients can receive an automatic 10% off just by booking with us!!

With all of these new travel partnerships, we decided to host a travel launch party at Kouzu in Belgravia (who serve the most fabulous sushi - and if you show them your U&I card you'll get a discount!) It was a massively successful event, and we managed to make some new partnerships from it, along meeting some great people in travel PR. We had some press members there, all of whom were wow'ed by The Card and our continual process of gaining new partnerships.

As you know, team U&I are into their health and wellness, so we also partnered with our personal trainer, Jack Wayne, to offer our clients even more variety when it comes to their health. Not to mention Fresh Fitness Food, a meal prep delivery service which controls macros to suit your health goals. This year we also successfully partnered up with a Lebanese food prep company which delivers traditional home style delicacies (of course mention U&I for a discount with any of our partners!!)

We are also very proud to speak about W8GYM , our newest partnership. All those full body exercises from just one piece of equipment!! Yes PLEASE!!

We have partnered up with the Caesars Entertainment group in Las Vegas! We have access to deals and discounts for hotels, resorts, entertainment, dining and more!! We literally have every aspect of your Vegas trip covered... so be sure to let us know when you're next planning a trip there. Some of the hotels include, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Bally's, Flamingo, Rio, and LOADS more!

Over the past six months we have also partnered with luxury transportation companies around Europe to get you where you need to be. We’ve also teamed up with a local hair salon in Richmond, and a delightful beauty salon in Fulham, not to mention a luxury dating agency, clothes brands and a fabulous bar/lounge which offers the best shisha in London! For more information on all of our partnerships click here.

To say that we've been busy over the past 6 months is an understatement! But we've also remembered to keep some time for personal development. We strongly believe in the power of personal development at U&I and advocate it to everyone! The next 6 months is also looking extremely busy for us. We have a new team member coming onboard soon (keep an eye out for more details!) and have some new and exciting partnerships to announce... Oh, and did we already mention that we’ve just spent 5 days in the Caribbean? *Hint, hint!*

Ciao for now

Team U&I


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