Meet your new best friend... say hello to the W8 Gym!

Say hello to the W8 Gym!

Are you new to fitness? Do you not have the time to fit "going to the gym" into your hectic daily routine? Do you wish you had one piece of equipment that could answer all of your problems? If the answer to that is "YES, THAT'S ME!", then things may have just got a whole lot better for you!

Before we explain more, you can see for yourselves what the W8 Gym is all about...

To put it simply, the W8 Gym is your brand new Gym-in-a-box; one piece of equipment, with over 250 exercises for you to work with. The #W8Family consists of Clive, Fleur & Nick (they are actually family, like, real family!), all who have been into fitness and working out for many years, and all who live busy lifestyles.

You may recognise Fleur as the X Factor 2014 runner-up, and when she was on the X Factor tour, she found it hard to fit in her usual workouts in-between busy rehearsal schedules and being on stage. It just so happened that at the same time, her cousins Clive and Nick were developing their thoughts on creating this unique gym-in-a-box concept. One thing led to another, and the W8 Gym creation began...

"Together, we share a passion for fitness and have united to create the W8 gym. The W8 Gym is an innovative and revolutionary fitness product that allows you to perform over 250 exercises with just one unit. There is no other single piece on the market to compare to the W8 Gym! Less is really more with everything in one unit, making the W8 Gym a neat and convenient "Gym in a box" saving you time, money, and space"

This one piece of equipment can be used to as a kettlebell, medicine ball, for rowing, cycling, jumping, leg raises, assisted push ups, boxing, barbell exercises, ab workouts, lunges, a stepper, and cardio workouts, too. I mean, there really isn't much that you CAN'T do with the W8 Gym!

Not only can the unit itself be used for all of the above, when you open it up at the back, you enter a whole other realm of workout heaven...

Inside the box, you'll find (all to match your chosen colours):

10KG of Dumbbells (2 x 2.5KG, 2 x 1.5KG, 2 x 1KG)

3 sets of Resistance Bands (2 x 15KG, 2 x 10KG, 2 x 1KG)

2 x Attachable robust handles

2 x Attachable padded ankle/wrist straps

1 x Door Anchor

... and also in your full kit you will find:

1 x 500 x 370 x 3mm W8 Gym protective floor mat

1 x Instruction/Workout manual.

As well as the above, you will also have access to free workouts and free nutrition plans, so that you really feel part of the #W8Family!

With over 4 colours available, you can choose your gym to suit your personality! All colours retail at just £99, with the Gold Edition at £129.

You can find out more about this exciting new product and the story behind it by clicking here!

If you would like to PRE-ORDER your very own W8 Gym... then guess what? The W8 is over! You can do so RIGHT NOW. Click here to head straight to the online shop and get your hands on your very own W8 Gym.

Here at U&I, we are EXTREMELY excited to be working alongside our good friend Fleur and her wonderful cousins, Clive and Nick. Watch this space for further news regarding the W8 Gym, and we will be sure to post a video of us here at U&I with the W8 Gym in action!!!

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