"Did Caesar actually live here?" .. "No" ... "Didn't think so"...

U&I Lifestyle has had some tremendous growth in the first half of the year and we are massively proud to announce our newest partnership with a fabulous group of hotels. We would like to extend a fabulous WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS to all of our U&I members...

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Jumeirah, the Dubai based luxury hotel chain, and we have expanded our horizons and can now offer all our clients amazing deals in Las Vegas! Who has seen the Hangover? Do you remember that great scene in Caesars Palace? Well how would you like to stay there?? That’s right, U&I Lifestyle have teamed up with Caesars Entertainment Group!

We now have exclusive luxury deals with the following hotels in Vegas. Bally’s, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Flamingo, Rio, Hurrah’s, Nobu and The Quad (previously known as The Linq). So whether you want 5 star luxury, or you want to save on the hotel costs to maximise the amount you can put down at the roulette table, we have something for you!

Not only this, but we are also selling tickets to Vegas shows. So we really do have all aspects of your Vegas vacation set. The Vegas shows are continually updating, so be sure to drop us a message, as we have some great contacts out there. We currently have access to tickets for Legends, Donny Marie, Chippendales, Menopause, Righteous Brothers, High Roller, Eiffel Towel, Mat Franco, Absinthe, WOW, Inferno and Masters of Illusion. These are incredible shows which leave the audience exhilarated.

If you're planning a girls trip or hen night, we have got to recommend Chippendales. Trust us ladies, you will love the show! The show is held nearly everyday at Rio, and we can get you great rates to stay at the hotel.

We are working on other aspects of your Vegas getaway, including transportation, Grand Canyon Tours, pool parties, bars and nightclubs, so if you are planning to visit Vegas be sure to get in touch.

Not only are they in Las Vegas, but they also have hotels in Atlantic city and Lake Tahoe. Did we also mention that we are now partnered with Kempinski Hotel Bahia. Theis luxury 5 star accommodation boasts breath taking views and service which cannot be beaten.

Watch this space. U&I have some other tricks up their sleeves, and we don’t want you to miss out. Be sure to buy your membership card if you haven’t already. Another secret is that it is on special offer right now for a limited time! Get yours now if you haven’t already!

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