The U&I 5 Day Body Boost Challenge!


Summer is basically here, and we can all admit that we could definitely be doing more to feel a little more comfortable and a lot healthier and happier when those beach selfies come out!

Join the U&I Lifestyle team as we embark on the 5 DAY BODY BOOST CHALLENGE. This is actually a 30 day plan, but we understand that sometimes people want to get a little taster of something before committing to a full plan, and that's where we come in! We will be upping our exercise, cutting out certain things from our diets and taking some pure & safe nutritional supplements to boost the process of alkalising our bodies and boosting our well-being. All products that we use are by Arbonne, which is currently the No.1 Global Brand for Healthy Living INSIDE & OUT (all products are 100% Vegan certified, gluten free, dairy free and kosher, too).

Did you know: Arbonne has also been featured in Vogue magazine for their premium skincare range - and we can vouch that their skincare really is the BEST!!

For just £39 (worth over £100!), you will receive highly nutritious and delicious protein shakes, herbal teas, a supplement to boost your fibre intake (helping you get rid of toxins in your body), a greens supplement maximising your vitamin and mineral intake, energy fizz sticks (plant-based caffeine which you simply add to water), and a supplement to aid digestion. You can find out full details about all of the products and supplements here.

You will also receive a 5 day workout plan, a 5 day meal plan and meal examples, a shopping list, access to our private Facebook page with full support from our community, and you will automatically become a VIP member of Arbonne, entitling you to 20-40% discount on all Arbonne products for the next 12 months, and other perks which your Independent Consultant will inform you about (you will receive an email from your Independent Consultant as soon as you sign up!).

Please click here to see full details about all that you need to know about the plan!

Become the best version of yourself by challenging yourself with our 5 day plan! You can expect to benefit from improved mood, weight loss, better skin, feeling and looking healthier, and becoming the healthiest version of you from the inside-out!

To summarise the plan, you will be replacing your breakfast and lunch with our delicious protein shakes (which you can add fruit & veg too should you wish - we have some great recipe examples which will also be included in your pack), and enjoying a clean and healthy dinner. We will be cutting out 5 main groups: gluten, dairy, refined sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. The aim of this is to get your body and insides into it's healthiest state so that it is alkalised (Fact: Did you know that cancer cells can't live in an alkaline state?).

Take a look at the transformation photos below from people who have done the full version of the plan, which is 30 days long. I personally have done the plan myself on numerous occasions and I absolutely love it. You can watch a full video with more details about the 30 day plan here.

If you enjoy the products/plan and want to take part in the full version, which is the #30DaysToHealthyLivingAndBeyond plan, as a new member (which you will be once you sign up to this 5 day boost!) you will receive a whopping 40% discount on the 30 day pack, which will cost you £230.40 (less than £8 per day!) instead of the RRP which is £378. There are also smaller versions of the pack which come at a lower price (£145-£151).

So, to summarise, the £39 U&I 5 DAY BODY BOOST PACK INCLUDES:

- Welcome pack and freebies

- 5 days worth of products (Enough for 2 protein shakes per day, 1x daily herbal teas, 2x daily energy fizz sticks, 1x daily fibre supplement, 1x daily greens supplement, 1x daily digestion supplement)

- 5 day Meal plan / meal examples / snack list

- Protein shake meal examples

- 5 day workout plan

- 12 month VIP Arbonne membership which entitles you to 20-40% discount on all products for the next 12 months (worth £25!)

- Access to private membership group on Facebook

- Full support from your Independent Consultant and community members

If you have any questions or want more details before signing up, please feel free to email us.

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