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August, 2016: London life is all about experiences, whether that means fine wining and dining, a night spent in a plush hotel room, indulging in a pam...

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August 31, 2016

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A day at the Chelsea Flower Show, a la Dorchester!

May 29, 2017

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to have been invited to the Chelsea Flower Show by The Dorchester. I had never been to the CFS before, and all I had been told from the hotel was that I had a ticket, and that they were re-creating The Promenade at the event! With this in mind, I didn't really know what to expect, but all I can tell you (and as the images below will emphasise!) is that the entire experience was absolutely incredible. I feel so lucky to have been invited!


I arrived at around 11.30am, and as expected, there was A LOT of people at the arrival gates. I was pleasantly surprised though, as it wasn't as hectic as I had imagined. 



 I wasn't really sure where I was going (as usual!), but I quickly found a sign which led me in the right direction. After a few minutes of walking through the crowds, I found The Dorchester pop up which was hidden around one of the corners...

 The Dorchester was situated underneath the Fortnum and Mason pop up. 

 It was a beautiful day, and guests were making the most of The Dorchester Terrace! 


I was absolutely stunned by the entrance. The flower display was gorgeous, as expected, and from the moment I started to enter the room, I immediately felt that extraordinary service (which in my experience, is second to none) that you would receive at any of The Dorchester Collection hotels.




I was greeted by a doorman in his green coat (true Dorchester style!), and a couple of lovely hostesses (dressed in gorgeous, pink dresses, to match the flowers!), who instantly asked me if I was okay. Seconds later, I was greeted by Nicola (one of the lovely ladies from The Dorchester team), who was expecting my arrival. Nicola showed me to the table where we were all sitting, and it really was like I had stepped into The Promenade of the hotel! 



I was sat at the head of the table (I felt very important!), and met a fabulous couple who work for the NFL. All of the guests on our table had a working relationship with The Dorchester, so even though I was on my own, I was in an ideal situation... networking with wonderful people, whilst sipping on Champagne, oh, and a little bit of tea of course! Speaking of the Champagne, I don't think there was a point where my glass was less than half full. The staff were constantly topping us up to make sure that our glasses remained nice and cold. It was wonderful! 


Then, the food was served. We started with finger sandwiches (Salmon, Egg Mayo, Cucumber, and Chicken & Mustard) and they were delicious. 




Next came the dessert, which I was AMAZED by! It was a scene of a garden, with a plant pot which had the main dish inside, and we were given a watering can to pour on top of the pot which was filled with a delicious, sweet sauce...