Africa & Ibiza are coming to London! "Cactus on the Roof" launches on 4th June.

Now before we start, this isn't an event that WE are hosting, but when we heard about Cactus on the Roof, we thought it was way too cool to keep to ourselves.

On Sunday 4th June, Cactus on the Roof is launching at Angler Restaurant. From 12pm all the way through until 2am, you can expect Cactus to be London's most talked about Summer party this year. Think scorching desert meets refreshing African Rainforest, whilst brining together some of London's most cool and stylish revellers!

The venue (Angler Terrace) is an intimate venue, just 2 minutes walk from Moorgate station, an area where big business and cool culture come together as one. Angler Terrace is one of London's hidden gems, with a Michelin starred restaurant on the same floor. The West-facing space deck with tropical plants and freshly bloomed flowers is perfect for soaking in the British sun, and you'll be pleased to know that it's equipped with a retractable rooftop should the British weather decide to be temperamental (why would we EVER think that?!).

Cactus will be hosted by DJ Cuppy, and some other very special guests, every Sunday in June.

DJ Cuppy is a Musician and Entrepreneur with an ever-increasing empire. To date, she has graced the deck in over 25 countries. Her recent gigs include, Harrods, Tatler, Financial times, Sotheby's, Bvlgari, and Facebook to name a few! DJ Cuppy's open-format DJ Style and unlimited genre takes audiences on an exuberant journey, and we can't wait for you to hear her do her thing. This is a Limited Summer series with limited tickets, so make sure you grab yours now before it's too late! There's confirmed celebrities on the decks, confirmed celebrities in attendance, and goody bag treats, ranging from £50 vouchers to beauty and pamper products...yes please! One VERY special treat (which will be on offer in the Raffle), is a give away round trip within Europe on a private jet. Wowee!

You can find tickets and further information here.

We know where we will be on the 4th of June...don't miss out, you'll regret it!

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