Interview with U&I Concierge member, Emma Woodson, at The Grill

On Thursday 14th October, we met up with one of our U&I Concierge members, Emma Woodson, and asked her all of the ins and outs regarding The Card! Seeing as this was a social occasion relating to The Card, we thought we MUST meet at one of our partnered venues (well, duh!).

We met at The Dorchester, and had a delicious dinner at The Grill, where we also enjoyed some complimentary champagne before our meal was served (thanks to The Card!). Take a look at our simply divine chocolate dessert that we indulged in, it was to die for:

Emma works in London, and has been a U&I Concierge member for just over 2 months now, so we thought she was the perfect lady to tell you her thoughts about what she's experienced since being a holder of The Card;

Natalie: So Emma, first thing's first! How did you hear about U&I's "The Card"?

Emma: I heard about The Card through a good friend of mine who recommended that I purchase one. It came about on an occasion when I found myself unsure of where to take some work clients out for dinner one evening.

Ah! It's definitely a good little purchase if you're someone who wines and dines in London regularly. How often would you say you visit London?

Quite frequently! I don't live in Central London itself, but given that I live in Surrey, all of the venues on The Card are extremely easy to find and travel to. Some of the venues even branch out to Surrey! Bisoux Lounge is one of my favourite weekend spots.

With Bisoux Lounge being one of our partners, does that mean that you make the most of your complimentary entry and priority table bookings?

It certainly does! Bisoux isn't a huge venue, so it's always important to my friends and I to make sure that we get a table when we go there. I've always managed to book a table with the U&I Concierge team, even if it's last minute, like a few hours before! The venue is always busy so I'm sure you guys have a good relationship with all of your partnered venues.

What was it about The Card and our service that U&I Concierge offers that attracted you to buy the product?

I loved the idea of being able to contact a concierge service when I needed a restaurant or bar recommendation. All of your team are helpful, friendly, and extremely professional. You take into account the type of venue that I'm looking for, as well as the company that I bring with me, and most importantly, my budget. Whenever I've got in touch with U&I Concierge, I am given a number of suggestions of the venues that you think will suit my evening, and once I let you know the venue that I've decided on, you take all of the hard work (and dare I say, the annoying part!)out of my hands! I love that you contact the venue on behalf of your clients; it makes me feel like I'm in good hands, and what's even better is that I always seem to get a complimentary cocktail or discount when I get there!

Which venues/services have you visited/used on The Card, and what has been your favourite so far?

I've used the services available on The Card a number of times now, and I'm always really impressed with the outcome. It takes away the stress and pressure of finding a venue and booking the evening out. This is the first time that I've visited The Grill here at The Dorchester. I'm so impressed with the champagne upon arrival, and the food is so delicious! I've also used your company for your event planning expertise, which I highly recommend after recently organising my work night out. I've loved all of the venues that I've visited on The Card so far and would definitely go back to them. Kouzu is next on my list!

What experience has surprised you the most in terms of discounts and VIP offers that you have gained access to as The Card holder?

I've been pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of discounts that are on offer. I'm a sucker for a spa treatment, so the fact that you've got a partnership with the AWAY Spa at W and also the Corinthia hotel is a massive tick for me! I love the variety of restaurants and bars too, and the fact that I can get discounts on my hair colour and cut (at RUSH) makes the purchase even more worth while.

What is your favourite thing about The Card?

The amount of discount options that are available. The fact that it only costs £99 for a whole year means that I'll make my money back in only a few trips out using it!

Would you recommend The Card to your friends?

I would definitely recommend The Card to friends and work colleagues who already live in London. I've already sent a few people to your website, so I hope they've had a look! Working in the City, I have many clients who would hugely benefit from being a U&I Concierge member. Anyone who visits London frequently for business or pleasure would be silly not to get a card. It's the perfect membership for anyone who wants to make life in London that little bit easier, more enjoyable, and always Unique.

Always "Unique" - we like what you did there! We've spoken a lot about London, but as you know, we work all around the world, especially in terms of our Hotel partnerships. Are you somebody who travels a lot for work or pleasure?

Yes, I do travel a lot for both work and pleasure, so I know the value of a good concierge service when you're in a city that you don't know so well.

Did you know that we recently partnered with the Starwood Hotel Group, who has hundreds of hotels all over the world?

Yes! I actually read about that on your Facebook page (U&I Lifestyle) just the other day.

Amazing. So you know that as a member of U&I Concierge you now have access to exclusive discounts, offers and VIP experiences whenever you book to stay at a Starwood Hotel through us?

That's so good! Starwood have some amazing hotels, don't they? I know that they own all of the W hotels, and also St Regis and the Luxury Collection hotels. I'm sure there's more too! Didn't they recently take over the Sheraton hotels? I actually need to book a winter break for my mum and I, so now I know who I'll be coming to when I come to booking. Thanks for reminding me!

It would be our pleasure to book your winter break!

Yay! Thank you so much.

Ok, finally... if there was a statement that you could make about The Card, what would it be?

Well, if you want a bespoke Concierge service that lets you enjoy a free glass of bubbly as well as receiving discounts at London's hot spots, then you have to purchase The Card! The people at U&I are all clearly very experienced in what they do, professional, and most importantly, super friendly. The Card also makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys that little bit of luxury at a more affordable price. I know what I'm getting my bestie for Christmas!

If you would like to find out more about The Card, then please head over to and see all of the fab discounts and offers that are available. You can buy The Card on the website, but if you have any questions then please do email me directly and I will more than happy to assist:

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